Friday, December 31, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We were discharged at 5:30 pm yesterday. We felt that there was no reason to keep him there overnight just to have IV fluids. We weren't planning to let him dehydrate and to kill him. He was able to take a few steps at the hospital while I was holding his hand but sure enough after we were home he didn't want anybody to help him. But he needs help. His muscles are very weak. He's only been walking since February so we remember what it was like to guard him closely and pick him up all the time. He can sit up on his own so the challenge will be to make sure that he is happy and stimulated and to push him without overdoing it. He will be able to start rehab next week. He will continue to take his anti-seizure medication until his neurologist thinks it's time to wean and then I will be asking for another EEG to be sure.


  1. Yay! Home at last! Best wishes for a happy healthy NEW YEAR!!

  2. Alright! Home at last. See you tomorrow!

    - Uncle Anthony

  3. So happy you are all home for the New Year. Sending love and prayers to you all.