Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 28th

A slice of toast with butter, an ounce of apple juice, and a sip of water and milk. We are recording everything Jacob eats and drinks. They monitor intake by our records and output by weighing Jacob's dirty diapers. When he meets their guidelines, he will be able to go home. He had physical therapy yesterday, really just playing with toys to see how far he is from his baseline before surgery. They have decided that he will need outpatient rehab when we go home which is what I expected. It's better than inpatient rehab. Jacob has moved his right limbs but he seems to be ignoring his right arm again and lets it hang limp at his side. But he can move it especially when he is agitated and wants to push the therapist or nurses away. He started closing his eyes and pretending that he was sleeping when they come around. He is still very weak all over. Very unsteady although he tries to sit up on his own. Once he is home we will spend a lot of time playing on "the big bed". I bought us a king size bed for Christmas because Jacob is still sleeping with us and Matthew sometimes wants to join in. Now we all fit together. I had to cram myself into Jacob's crib last night to help him sleep. It was actually more comfortable than the pull-out chair believe it or not. We also have a roommate now. Very strange to share a hospital room but last night went okay. Just another experience.


  1. I can't wait until he is home and I would play possum, too, when the PT person came...sleep is much better PT.
    Grandma Christe

  2. Home is where the real healing will begin...

    I'm SO happy his recovery is running fairly smooth! And girl...a King size bed is the BEST gift ever! Especially when you like to cuddle your monkeys!