Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

There is more talk about removing Jacob's breathing tube sometime this morning. They were waiting for him to thrash around to be sure that he would stay awake enough to breathe on his own but I explained that he is not a trash around kind of kid. He has been awake for much longer periods of time since last night. He is aware. He is upset but consolable. They are also talking about weaning his head drain, which means they will place the outlet for the drain above the level of his head so that his body will have to start doing the work of absorbing extra fluid rather than letting it drain right out of his head. It sounds worse than it is and we can't see anything but a tube and some fluid so it's not as gross as it sounds. So overall, recovery is still going well, moving in the right direction. I almost forgot that he did move his right arm this morning so he may have some extra weakness on his right side after we get home but everything is still working.

Matthew Sr. and Jr. had a sleepover last night and tonight is Mommy's turn with Matthew and Daddy's turn with Jacob. Matthew said he missed me and said "I love you poopy face, stinky butt". Everything is as it should be.

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