Wednesday, December 1, 2010

21 Days

The benefit for Jacob was held one year ago today. Wow. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and other times it feels like a lifetime ago. Two rounds of Constraint Therapy later, Jacob is consistently using his right hand to assist his left. A year ago, he didn't even know he had a right hand. He took his first steps in February and said his first word in May. Now he is learning to step up and over, he is commando crawling, he is walking backwards, he is squatting... a year and a half ago he couldn't sit up on his own. A year ago, he scooted with one leg and one arm. He now uses sounds, words, gestures, or signs for mama, dada, milk, more, done, up, down, help, ball, please, thank you, excuse me, me, my turn, pen, paper, tractor, ice cream, phone, binky, baby, hot, hat, open, yes, no, train, purple, blue, green, pink... I know there are more.

The benefit truly was a gift of hope and opportunity.

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  1. Wow - your're right - the benefit seems like a distant memory. It has been a fearful, hopeful, grateful, challenging, rewarding, inspiring roller coaster of a year. With God's blessings and everybody's hard work (especially Jacob's) and generosity - look what has been accomplished. Just think what the next year will bring!