Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 26th

The day after Christmas is both my mother's and my father's birthday. Matthew Jr. thinks that getting older means you're going to "make the cemetery". Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

Jacob has had a rough time since we were transfered to the 9th floor. He has been running a fever and has needed a low dose of morphine to manage his pain, which has had an effect on his heart and respiration rates. He is comfortable but needs some "blow-by" oxygen. We saw him have seizures in the afternoon while he was eating his grilled cheese and drinking apple juice and milk. It lasted for about twenty-minutes where he would appear to have a blank look on his face and then his eyes would travel to the left corner of his face. In between, he would continue eating and drinking and would talk to us. His body and especially his left hand was also trembling. Jacob's neurologist had said a few weeks ago that we should not be surprised if Jacob had seizures following surgery and neither the nurses or the neurosurgeons are particularly concerned. My guess is that his body and his brain are in a state of "what the f*** just happened" now that the anesthesia has finally worn off. His right hemisphere isn't getting any signals from the left anymore and is realizing that it has to take-over. This is just my guess. As long as he is stable and comfortable... and I haven't seen any more seizures since.

P.S. I have held his warm chubby body twice!

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