Wednesday, December 29, 2010

903B Northeast

The IV went back in yesterday afternoon and Jacob is scheduled for an EEG today. He has been running a fever off and on so they took blood for a culture and so far no infection. He is eating and drinking but not enough. He is still sleeping most of the time. The EEG is to see if Jacob has been having seizures since the surgery and to decide if he needs to be on a different medication. My theory is that he has phantom brain like a phantom limb after amputation. His right hemisphere has over-compensated for the left and now that it is gone, maybe the right is behaving as if the left was still there. Just a theory. At least we will have some answers before we leave the hospital instead of going home and being in constant paranoia over seizures. I would rather have watched Jacob's surgery, scalp, skull, brains and all, than see him having a seizure.

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