Left Functional Hemispherectomy
Children's Hospital Boston
December 22, 2010

          I am horrified when I look at these pictures two weeks after surgery.  We "elected" to do this to Jacob - to do this for Jacob.  And when you think you can't possibly make it through this, you can, you do, because you have no other choice.  You have already made the choice.  We chose the possibility of a life without seizures and medication for Jacob and he is well on his way.  

Jacob on "happy juice" before surgery.
lCU after surgery.
Breathing tube.

Head drain.
After two days in the ICU, Jacob opens his eyes.
On the fourth day in the ICU, the breathing tube is removed.
Jacob is moved to the 9th floor.
The head drain is removed.
The dressing is removed.
The incision is shaped like a horseshoe.

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