Friday, July 27, 2012


During the third season of Young Athletes, I decided to pull Jacob from the program. I was riddled with anxiety about his behavior. Jacob whined and cried more often than he participated. And I was newly pregnant and exhausted. Jacob was most successful during the second season of the program, which was held at eNVy gymnastics in Tiverton. So I signed the boys up for gymnastics classes this summer. Jacob has participated in two bouncing classes so far. I was peeking at him from behind the curtain this afternoon. He was following directions. He ran to a circle that was part of a line of circles on the floor and sat down. When he saw where his brother was sitting, he scooted over to a circle next to him. Unlike Young Athletes where Matthew would partner with Jacob to complete the activities, Matthew was in his own class and Jacob was on his own. I cringed. I am still cringing. But Jacob held his own. He ran. He jumped. He climbed. He bounced. For an hour. He can't do a seat drop on the tumble track like Matthew, but I saw him hop. Jacob doesn't know. He doesn't know that he is different because he is holding his own on his own. No mommy, no buddy, no bruh-bruh. I wish I could be him - that is how much I respect and admire this boy.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Since I spilled coffee on the computer a few months ago, I've been using the iPad to post but I don't know how to upload photos or videos. So follow this link. I can write about Jacob's progress, but seeing is believing. Please comment so I know you followed...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Brighter Side

Jacob's speech therapist mentioned to me last week that he is blowing her away with his sentences. He still reminds me of my Russian grandmother's broken English but he's got ideas, memories, suggestions, and jokes. He was using the word "gammer" for about a month until I realized he was saying remember. To me this was significant because I was never sure if he had a concept of time, past or future. Jacob also had his evaluation for aquatic therapy and the Hasbro PT remarked that his balance was very good. He will primarily work on activating his right arm and hand to hold onto the edge of the pool and to move through the water. Once a week for six weeks. While I was there, I started to feel nostalgic about the constraint therapy program and put in an inquiry about next August. I still believe... Matthew had his first MANicure and pedicure this summer and loved it. He's also taking swimming, gymnastics, and karate. His behavior is always a challenge which I am managing with greater and varied experiences as well as with screaming until I fear the baby will go deaf.

Monday, July 16, 2012


As I was leaving school with Jacob, another mom was walking behind us and asked what happened to him. I ignored her. I was pissed. His WHFO (wrist-hand-finger-orthotic) and his AFO (ankle-foot-orthotic) beg others to ask what has happened to him. I realize that the assumption is that he has injured his hand and his foot. But seriously, we were leaving the Extended School Year program, where something has "happened" to every child. I was pissed because I would love to tell the truth but the other mom probably wanted to hear about some crazy mishap that Jacob would heal from in a few weeks. I know that I am being harsh. Probably over-sensitive. But when someone asks what happened to him, I hear what's wrong with him. And there's nothing wrong with my boy.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Must Be Nice

The expression "it must be nice" reverberates in my head every time I get ready to drop Matthew and Jacob off for summer school, giving me about two hours of time to do whatever. Jacob qualified for the extended school year for special education services and Matthew is going to camp at the Montessori school where he will be on the other side of half day kindergarten next year. Two hours, three days a week, for two weeks is twelve hours. Last summer, I signed Matthew and Jacob up for summer camp two days a week at the preschool where they were both going last school year. But Jacob broke his foot. "It must be nice." It is nice to have time to do whatever. Don't use it against me.