Friday, July 27, 2012


During the third season of Young Athletes, I decided to pull Jacob from the program. I was riddled with anxiety about his behavior. Jacob whined and cried more often than he participated. And I was newly pregnant and exhausted. Jacob was most successful during the second season of the program, which was held at eNVy gymnastics in Tiverton. So I signed the boys up for gymnastics classes this summer. Jacob has participated in two bouncing classes so far. I was peeking at him from behind the curtain this afternoon. He was following directions. He ran to a circle that was part of a line of circles on the floor and sat down. When he saw where his brother was sitting, he scooted over to a circle next to him. Unlike Young Athletes where Matthew would partner with Jacob to complete the activities, Matthew was in his own class and Jacob was on his own. I cringed. I am still cringing. But Jacob held his own. He ran. He jumped. He climbed. He bounced. For an hour. He can't do a seat drop on the tumble track like Matthew, but I saw him hop. Jacob doesn't know. He doesn't know that he is different because he is holding his own on his own. No mommy, no buddy, no bruh-bruh. I wish I could be him - that is how much I respect and admire this boy.


  1. Amen to that! Watching him chase his brother and cousin all over the yard at his Nana's house yesterday shows that he can definitely "hold his own"!
    Grandma Christe

  2. Grandma C is right. I observed Jacob going down two steps of Nana's porch without holding onto anything. he kept his balance perfectly. Jacob has literally and figuratively 'found his voice'. What a joy to behold.