Sunday, January 10, 2016

I have not visited this page in more than a year but the story is far from over. Jacob's miraculous progress has continued of course as well as my pursuit of surgical interventions (tendon transfer surgery) and therapies. Jacob was exited from Speech Therapy last school year and qualified only for OT and PT during the Extended School Year services. He was promoted to the first grade this year. Surprisingly, academics have not been the greatest concern... During a meeting with Jacob's IEP Team, I asked about Jacob's relationships with his peers. His teacher responded that he was one of the most sought after students in the class. While that may have been the case in the classroom, Jacob had never been invited on a play date or even to a birthday party. I asked about teaching him social skills, about personal space (no kissing, ask before hugging) and reminding him to wipe his face so he doesn't drool or spit on other children. I also brought my concerns to Jacob's pediatric neurologist who said there was no cause for concern. He was invited to a birthday party at the beginning of the school year and has since joined the Tiger Scouts. He is developing a sense of belonging and is reaffirming my own belief that his greatest gift is his care and concern for others. Friendship will follow.