Thursday, August 8, 2013


A few days before the Fourth of July, Jacob was taken by ambulance to Hasbro Children's Hospital. His medical diagnosis was near drowning. Jacob tripped and fell into a pond feature. Matthew tried to pull him out and then ran to get me. I pulled Jacob from the water and he cried hysterically. We called 911. This was worse than seizures... worse than brain surgery. When I pulled him from the water my inner voice said this can't be the end. I heard the friend we were visiting in my ear say over and over I know CPR. When I saw Jacob, he was peaceful and he was looking at me. When she saw Jacob, his eyes were closed and his lips were blue. I saw what I needed to see to know that he would be okay. And he was. I was not okay for a few weeks. Post Traumatic Stress. The image of Jacob was in my mind everywhere I looked for days and days. Now I only see it every once in a while. This was a warning and a reminder. No matter how much progress he has made, no matter how well he has adapted, Jacob will always have special needs and I will always need to remember that he is special and never EVER take that for granted.