Tuesday, December 7, 2010

15 Days

Matthew has had a cold for about two weeks. Mommy has had a cold for about a week. Jacob has had a hint of a runny nose and has coughed about five times for a few days. Uh oh. The albuterol rescue inhaler is locked and loaded for the first sign of a crackle or a wheeze. Matt Sr. is healthy. I know that isolating Jacob for the past 4 weeks has limited his chance of infection and definitely allowed him to recover from the pneumonia. But I couldn't isolate Matthew as well and I can't resist kissing all over him... Hopefully I have the worst of it. I have been coughing into my sleeves and washing and sanitizing my hands before touching Jacob or his food. I am hopeful that if Jacob does get worse that he will have enough time to get better before the 22nd. And I know this will not become pneumonia again because he has it so mild right now and I am watching his nose and listening to and feeling his chest for any signs of breathing difficulty. And no fever. Fingers crossed... again.

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  1. After what you guys went through in October...I'm sure it'll be even MORE pins & needles until you're safely on the other side!

    When you have other children it makes being completely germ free impossible. We just do the best we can. And trust the rest to God...