Thursday, December 2, 2010

20 Days

The same thing happened to me in October. My heart, my stomach, my intestines, my mind - all in alignment, although my muscles were tight, my bones ached, and my migraine headaches were recurrent. Last week after I cancelled the rest of the specialist appointments that I had scheduled in the heat of pneumonia, I felt a calm come over me. And although my muscles have been tight and my bones ache and my migraine headaches are getting on my nerves, I have been feeling so positive and so hopeful. My stomach is churning and my intestines are squirming and my heart is racing. I am excited for Jacob to be free.


  1. Matt and Beth just put Jacob in Gods hands and the rest will fall into place.
    I know that it is very hard on you as no one knows what you are going through. Your families are all there for you however you want to use us. What a wonderful season for Jacob to be going through with this a real rebirth for him.
    Did youget the crib medal? HIs angel will watch over him. much love auntie Louise

  2. We did get the crib medal and it will be coming with us to the hospital along with your note and the card you sent in October. For once, I am not afraid. It is a rebirth which is why I am so excited.

  3. I wish I could think of something comforting and profound to share. I can't.

    Although Trevy did tell me today "I say NO" when I was asking him to do something he was not inclined to do...which was profoundly miraculous.

    A year later...

    We've done a lot of living this past year. I'm looking forward to your miracle stories waiting to be told next year...



  4. Like my Trevy button says, he is my other little hero. Following his progress IS comforting and profound!