Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Where did my Mojo go? I have been teaching for 11 years and today was like my first day after being out for the last 10 weeks. Time to dust off my brain and find it.

Jacob had a fantastic day at daycare. When I came to pick him up, he showed me the toys he was playing with. He was talking to his teachers and classmates with his gobbley-gook words and gave hugs goodbye. And he was so tired from his very busy day that he fell asleep on the car ride home. Just like old times.


  1. Jacob, I was thinking of you all day. I'm so glad your first day back to school was a good one. I know how much everyone there loves you. They must have been so happy to see you. Did you do the Dinosaur march today? Did you wash your hands in the sink?
    Hugs and Kisses to you, sweetheart.

  2. Know he's happy will help clear the cobwebs...