Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Two weeks post-op and Jacob has started rehab and will resume Early Intervention. He is able to stand and to walk with or without support, depending on how he is feeling. His muscles are angry with him so he is not able to pull up to stand or get to his knees or squat to sit. He is using his right arm and hand as an assist and we are considering Constraint Therapy III. He has not had a fever in a few days and I made a special trip to Boston to check his incision which was getting pink and puffy, but it is not infected. He has had two baths since we've been home and finally all of the glue from the EEG is off of his head and out of his hair. His hair is unruly and had I known they weren't going to shave his entire head, he would have had a haircut before surgery. Hopefully, his hairdresser will be brave enough... When I have the energy, I'll post all of the pictures from our vacation on the Neurosurgery page. One is there waiting already.

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