Saturday, January 15, 2011


I've been reluctant to say so because it's only been 3 1/2 weeks since surgery, but Jacob is doing GREAT! The only seizure-like thing that I've noticed is some twitching of his right arm. In the past, it had always been accompanied by darting eye movements but I've been watching and haven't seen any. I am seeing all Jacob all of the time. Epilepsy surgery is a calculated risk and I feel like we hit the jackpot.

I remember in February when Jacob had a 6-hour video EEG and the results read "infantile spasms imminent". We were given the choice of another round of ACTH or Depakote. I asked what the most aggressive treatment was... ACTH. But Jacob's neurologist felt that we should try Depakote first and if after 3 weeks Jacob's EEG did not improve, then we would try ACTH again. Matt agreed. And so did I. And after 3 weeks, the EEG had improved and we never saw the spasms. But we did see other seizure types. And this is why we asked for a neurosurgical consult and began our hemi-journey.

Before surgery, Jacob already had right hemiparesis, a right visual field deficit, and delayed speech as a result of his stroke. He didn't have much to lose going into surgery except for seizures.

Regarding my last post - I hope that it did not read as if Matthew or Jacob are ever a burden to me. Time is my only burden.


  1. That is wonderful news! I am so happy for Jacob and for all of you! And I didn't read "burden" into your last post at all. Blessings and continued healing to your entire family.

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