Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am SO guilty of rubbernecking. For several days I have been following the aftermath of a special needs iPad giveaway gone bizarre. The iPad that Jacob was selected to receive was never going to arrive so Grammy bought one for him. Already Jacob is saying pih (pig) and daw (door) - Peekaboo Barn Lite iPad App.

He is also saying kih (kick) and knee and albow (elbow) and wau (walk).

While Matthew has swimming lessons at the YMCA, Jacob and I are in the Parent/Child Water Adjustment Class. They both love the water. This week I bought a plastic pool to save me this summer. Six feet in diameter with about four inches of water and a dippy little slide makes two boys very happy. Matthew and Jacob were supposed to attend summer camp twice a week while I ate Pirate Booty all day. But Jacob cannot attend with his fractured foot and unwieldy boot cast so we share the Pirate Booty. After dropping Matthew off this week, Jacob was in his car seat saying brahbruh, brahbruh. Matthew's name is Brother to Jacob. He was already missing his brother before leaving the parking lot:(

I have been very interested in Jacob participating in a Special Olympics Young Athletes program because there are a limited number of athletic activities for children like Jacob in our area. Matthew has been loving the mini bar and tumble track in gymnastics at the Y.


  1. Amazing - he's going to be a star! Heck, he already is. I should've known all along Marissa would never get the iPad she "won." I guess just once I thought a dream really had come true. Sad what some people stoop to.

  2. Very sad. I was so happy when we both won. But our community did a good service by dismantling a "foundation" that diverted tens of thousands of dollars from worthy causes. Live and learn. By the way, I had emailed you a while ago about a gait trainer that we no longer need and was barely used. Would you like it? I'm in RI so I have no idea what the shipping costs would be. Does your EI/health insurance/Medicaid pay for durable medical equipment? My email is if you want to respond off blog.

  3. lol pirate booty