Friday, July 22, 2011


Jacob is going to be a Special Olympian. Someday. Or a Paralympian. The fall season of the Young Athletes of Tiverton begins on August 28th and will feature track and field, soccer, and tennis.

Today was our sixth "Mommy and Me" swimming lesson at the YMCA and Jacob is amazing. His right arm is generally rigid for the entire half-hour because his lower extremities are exerting so much force. Matthew and I attended the same class until he was 3 and he was never as powerful as Jacob. And he does this while his foot mends from a fracture 3 weeks ago.

The fracture still pisses me off but has had some therapeutic value. Jacob has been able to commando crawl for some time where his belly remains on the floor and he predominantly uses his left arm and leg to propel himself forward. For about 2 weeks, Jacob was unable to walk so he regressed to scooting on his butt. We would tell him no scooting and ask him to crawl and then... he got up on all fours! And he moved forward! An inch give or take. Since Jacob was 9 months old, Early Intervention has been targeting weight bearing through his right arm. And now finally 2 years later he decides to get up on all fours.

This as well as the discussion around Jacob's final IFSP (EI Service Plan) has taught me that Jacob is going to take his time getting to wherever he needs to be but he will get there. It may have taken him 2 years to crawl or 3 months to say open (and maybe 18 months to say milk because right now we're at "mu") but he has done it.

By the way, he has added chawchoe (chocolate), tair (stairs), tar (star), duh (duck) to his words.

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