Thursday, July 7, 2011

Annual IFSP

Mr. B., Jacob's physical therapist, wrote the following statements as part of his assessment of Jacob's gross motor skills... "On a good day Jacob's tendency to fall from an unsupported standing position is often sudden and relatively unpredictable. On a good day his protective reactions are often just enough to minimize the force with which his face hits the ground when he falls from a standing position." Anxious laughter? Gasp? Perfect depiction of the perils of Jacob's mobility.

Safety will be the greatest piece of Jacob's transition puzzle into the public schools this fall.

Jacob scored lowest in gross and fine motor skills as well as cognitive skills (which are determined in part by Jacob's expressive communication and fine motor scores), followed by expressive communication, receptive communication, and adaptive skills. Jacob's social emotional skills are not delayed.

two, free, fie, tsi, ay, nie

Jacob was counting this morning! Delayed? Developing!


  1. Hey Bethany, I found your blog in part from the lovethatmax blog, but also in part because Danielle (Trevy's mom) has mentioned you in light of this whole ipad mess.
    My daughter Becca is another IS kid. Although she has now progressed to Lennox-Gastaut. She wasn't a surgical candidate.
    Please feel free to visit our blog too. I look forward to following Jacob!

  2. Hi Keri! I miss reading about our children. Thank you for the invitation!