Sunday, May 9, 2010


When Jacob was born, he slept beside us in a basinette for a few weeks but he was unable to settle himself back to sleep after nursing so we moved him into our bed. Every night he would fall asleep next to us and when we were bold enough, we would move him to his crib and when he awoke, we would move him back to our bed. And between ear infections and teething and seizures, we stopped moving Jacob to his crib and have slept beside him for 19 months now. Yesterday we decided to move Jacob's crib into Matthew's room as we had always intended and put Jacob to bed in his crib. Matthew said it was like a sleep-over. Jacob cried for 9 minutes and then.... he was asleep. A year ago today, we brought Jacob home from Hasbro Children's Hospital. Our journey certainly is not over but... it is time to move along. Matthew is afraid of monsters anyways and appreciates the company.

Wherever they are sleeping, mothers have their children in mind.

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