Monday, May 10, 2010

Jacob's Crib

Jacob held on tight as I was carrying him to bed last night. If I moved a muscle towards the crib, he held on tighter. Then I said "It's time for night-night in Jacob's bed. Give Mommy a kiss". Jacob turned his head with his binky to my face, I kissed him goodnight and he laid in his bed. No tears this time. He woke up twice when Matthew called me to rock him and when Matthew called me for more milk but he fell back asleep both times. I am looking forward to when Jacob calls me now.


  1. I'm so proud of our big boy. I'm sure that having his big brother Matthew there will help smooth the transition. And- Jacob has always called to his mommy. He may not have been able to verbalize so that we could recognize what he was saying or wanted. But he has always known who his very special mommy is. And soon the words will come.

  2. What a big step. We're so proud of all - Mommy and Daddy for realizing Jacob was ready, Big Brother Matthew for welcoming Jacob, and Jacob for being so very brave. It shows how confident he is becoming. He really can do amazing things.

    Love Auntie Betsy and Uncle Mike