Friday, May 28, 2010

The Dentist

Matthew had his first dentist appointment yesterday and I nearly had a nervous breakdown because the hygienist "scolded" me about brushing Matthew's teeth. When Matthew turned 2 years old, Jacob was only 2 months old. My Nana bought him a motorized fire engine toothbrush for his birthday because we were having trouble brushing his teeth. We thought he would be inspired. When we watched the Goodnight Show on PBS Sprout we would sing the brusha-brusha-brusha-brusha-brush song with Star but we were still having trouble brushing his teeth. When Matthew brushed his own teeth, he would scrub the front, suck the water from the toothbrush, eat the toothpaste, and gargle and choke on his cup of water. Once Jacob was sick... we definitely neglected Matthew's teeth which is why I finally made the appointment. No cavities and no plaque. Just some tartar. We brushed last night and this morning with some resistance... The Binky Fairy is next!

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