Thursday, June 23, 2011


The end of the school year is always cathartic for me but this year was special. I was on leave with Jacob for 3 months, 10 weeks of which were consecutive, with recurrent pneumonia, neurosurgery, and specialist appointments. As I was cleaning and organizing my classroom, I was already looking forward to the next school year. A new year. A full year. Jacob will begin weaning his medication in September when I go back to school and in October he will transition to the public school system for his therapeutic services.

My last day was Matthew's first day at Jacob's school. Both boys will be going there 2 days a week through the summer and 5 days a week beginning in September. Auntie Mary, who has been Jacob's "playground assistant", said that Matthew and Jacob were holding hands today through the gate that separates the toddlers and infants from the pre-school children.

I'm still sad about Miss Edie, but her classroom is now filled with... babies. Jacob is not a baby anymore and he is doing really well in his new classroom. His social emotional development is far more advanced than mine.

Matthew also did really well today:)

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