Wednesday, June 8, 2011

License to Drive

"Tactah." You want to drive the tractor. "Yah. Yah." "Bih." The big tractor? "Yah." "Me."

Jacob figured out that if he sat in the middle of the two seats of Matthew's John Deere Gator, that he could press the pedal with his left foot. He cannot steer however so Mommy and Daddy walk alongside while he drives. His new obsession in stark contrast to "shuvoh." I liked shovel better.

He also drives the small tractor, which I prefer because it actually has greater therapeutic value. The pedal is on the right so he has to apply pressure with his right foot to propel the tractor. It took him about a week to be able to do this on his own. Every time he drives, he holds on with two hands. I love watching him open his hand and grasp his fingers and thumb around the steering wheel.

He is also learning how to climb on and off of the Gator by himself using two hands.

STOP is our next lesson.

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