Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Jacob had a follow-up appointment with his pulmonologist yesterday and he believes that Jacob's pneumonia was aspiration related to acid reflux. Since Jacob has been on Prevacid, he has not needed his Albuterol inhaler for three weeks. He is 85% improved from a month ago. I am so relieved and thankful that we decided to seek the advice of a specialist. Unfortunately, for months we were told asthma, asthma, asthma but he does not have asthma. He will need to take Prevacid for years and we will have to see how he does next winter when the flu and cold season peaks.

Jacob has a new thumb brace that he will wear during the day to keep his thumb out of the way of his fingers when he uses his right hand. When I asked to put it on him at school to see how it fit he said uh-uh. And when I asked him where it was supposed to go, he gestured towards the garbage! He did put it on though and it does make a difference without restricting the movement of his hand and fingers.

I feel so lucky.


  1. Oh my...developing a little comedian over there too, huh? Maybe one day he and Trevy'll do stand up together!

    And wow...what a ride you've been on with his chronic pneumonia. Wow. That coupled with the other stories I'm aware of almost makes me want to contact the media... Except I do believe some of the doctors at your other practice are true, loving physicians...


    I'm happy that he's healthy!

    Oh...mono has struck my house again. Bristel is victim this time. It would have just made TOO much sense for Trevy and Bri to get it in the same month, you know!



    ps. Special Olympics progress is being made! I'll email you more deets as I have them!

  2. Mono AGAIN! Yuck. I'm excited about Special Olympics.