Sunday, June 26, 2011

Two Front Teeth

I feel as though we have weathered the storm of our lives. But somehow every time Jacob is injured I find myself in crisis. I seem to have limited coping skills. Jacob fell face first into our driveway while "running" to chase Matthew. I was no more than 10 inches behind him and managed to get my hands on him but his body rotated and I wasn't fast enough. I saw him falling in slow motion. He was like a cat trying to right itself while free-falling. He just didn't have enough time to even try to put his left hand out to break his fall. He definitely has delayed motor control... it takes him about 6 seconds to throw a ball with the ball in his hand and his arm cocked back. I grabbed him off the pavement and ran inside the house to the bathroom. I was looking for his owee and when he opened his mouth all I could see was blood. I started dabbing the blood with a wet towel because I wasn't sure if he had lost any teeth and I didn't want him to choke on any fragments. I couldn't tell at first if he was bleeding from the top or the bottom, but once I cleared most of the blood, I could see that he had all of his teeth and the blood was coming from his top gums. His front teeth looked longer than usual, the gums above were all cut up. Then I felt one of his teeth and it wiggled. I felt like I was in a horror movie. The bleeding seemed to stop and Jacob stopped crying so I got him some ice cream while I was trying to call the dentist. I had to call three times because I just couldn't concentrate on the number I was supposed to call. I couldn't find a pen. I ended up typing the number on the computer to remember and then called to leave a message. I was also looking up the number for the ER at the hospital. I didn't know if he would need stitches or something for his gums. I calmed down once Jacob seemed himself again and waited to hear from the dentist. When he called me back he said that at this age, they wouldn't do anything even if he had lost his teeth. I was relieved and Jacob was fine minus the gash in his gums and some scrapes on his chin.But the next morning when I was changing him I looked at his teeth and one of them near his front tooth was half its normal size. Once again... horror movie... blood rushing to my feet, heart rate out of control. I touched the tooth with a wipe and something came off of it. OATMEAL! Oatmeal was concealing his tooth. What is wrong with me? Seriously. Jacob's teeth are fine. His gums are healing and the teeth are already solid again.

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