Tuesday, June 29, 2010


At our appointment last Tuesday, Jacob's epileptologist asked for his EEG records on disc to be FedExed to him so he could present at their neuro department conference today. When I called on Friday, the records had not yet been received so I drove for hours to pick up the records myself at Hasbro and in Seekonk and then overnight mailed them through the post office. The records were received yesterday so I have no idea if there was enough time to review them in order to present today... Of course I'm going to call this afternoon but I don't want to hear that we have to wait until next Tuesday because then we still have to wait for the scheduling process to begin. Life is on hold until we have a date. My 0-3 years old clock is ticking.

Update: No news. Maybe next week...


  1. Well crap. I hated the waiting too. Because the fact is...even if you "think" you know the answer...you don't really know the answer until you have the answer!

    And somehow I thought Boston and Hasbro had the same computer system and could review EEGs via email and such?


  2. If I had the time, I would have driven to Boston to hand deliver the records. Everything is always so difficult but I actually feel less tense now that I don't know anything.

    By the way, Trevy is REMARKABLE! If you have the time, take a look at the Hanen Program for speech development. I'll lend you the book for the course we took through EI.

  3. I always meant to take the Hanen course and just never got around to it. But would LOVE to read the book!