Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here's to Jacob

Jacob's epileptologist also agrees that he should have neurosurgery. He said that the left and right hemispheres compete for dominance and that the electrical activity in the left is interfering with the right's ability to take over the functions of the left hemisphere. He said he should have the surgery as soon as possible. The neurology/neurosurgery departments at Children's Hospital Boston will meet next Tuesday to discuss Jacob and to make a formal recommendation. Jacob also had his gross motor skills evaluation and although he is delayed, his scores have improved since last year. Finally, we received the results from Jacob's Constraint Therapy and he went from a percentage score of 2% to 26% for use of his right hand! I feel like I'm writing one of those Christmas newsletters except this one is about Jacob's brains. Nonetheless, it's full of cheer.


  1. Grammy says hooray from Atlanta! Very good news.

  2. big deep gulp of air...

    I'm not sure how it'll be for you guys. But for us...once we had a date it got a little bit easier. Until of course the date was suddenly upon us. Then it got harder. Until a few months after. Then it got easier again. Until...

    Well...that's the story of our life I guess. Ups and downs. Comes with mommy territory anyway. But especially seizure mommy territory.