Thursday, June 17, 2010


During OT and PT Jacob has been working on transitioning from one position to another. For about a week he has been responding when I ask him "how do you get down" from our bed or the couch by rolling to his belly and moving backwards until he slides off the edge. This is very exciting because before he would just scoot forward and attempt to fall off. We are also working on Jacob transitioning from sitting to standing by getting to his knees, bringing one foot up to push off on, and then pulling up with me holding his hands. This is much more difficult for him and he needs a lot of support but he understands what he has to do and with practice he will be able to do this as well. For about a month, Jacob has been able to hold on to a railing with his left hand, lift his left leg up to push off on, pull up with me holding his right hand, and lift his right leg up to climb up stairs, again with a lot of support but he understands how to do this.

It is a testament to his self-determination that he is able to learn these gross motor skills in such painfully small increments, and once learned, to will his body to perform these tasks. This extraordinary child just wants to be an ordinary little boy.

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  1. You go Jacob! Grandma & Grandpa