Wednesday, June 23, 2010

About That Stroke

The epileptologist also said that Jacob's stroke must have occurred very late in the pregnancy if not at birth because of the symmetry of his body. If the stroke had occurred earlier in the pregnancy, then the right side of his face and his right leg and foot would have developed abnormally. Also, while Jacob delivered quickly, the process was more difficult than with Matthew. If the stroke occurred prior to birth, Jacob may have had trouble pushing himself out during the delivery. What is upsetting to me is that I went to the hospital two days in a row the week before Jacob was born because I thought my "bag-o-waters" broke... twice. I was still teaching at the time and called my father to pick me up from school. I was a bit frantic. The "waters" were tested... no amniotic fluid... twice. I was also hooked up to a fetal monitor and I was given apple juice to stimulate Jacob. I may have to order my own medical records to understand what happened to Jacob. I know it doesn't really matter but I do need closure.

Finally, after reading my own post from yesterday, I thought it was weird that I used the word "cheer" in the same paragraph as neurosurgery and developmental delay. Jacob will lose the potential for fine motor control of his right fingers. I was playing with those fingers this afternoon then sobbing for those fingers. But he has so much to gain - the potential to be seizure-free and medication-free and therefore to develop to his fullest potential cognitively. It is all about perspective.


  1. Matt and Beth, Your nana Ripa always said "more things have come about through prayer than the world will ever know"
    so in her memory I will keep on praying for her great grandson. see ya soon auntie

  2. Jacob is an amazing boy. Just look at how much he has achieved so far. Once he gets the seizures behind him, the sky's the limit. He will adapt and conquer. Love, Auntie Betsy