Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fend Be No No

I was in the Principal's office. Not at my school. At preschool. And not for Matthew. I had a feeling. Jacob has been misbehaving. He has been telling the teacher "No! No! NO!" and has been disruptive during circle time. The first meeting about Jacob where I did not cry. Matthew and Jacob have virtually reversed roles over the past few months. My naughty boy is more angelic and my angel... at home, at school, and even at Special Olympics - he has been throwing the "stick" that he is supposed to be running with during the relay.

Naughty is a choice and Jacob is making choices independently. He is using his ability to reason to decide how he chooses to behave, the same ability that will allow us to redirect his behavior. He is developing... normally.

He is tattling on his friends. "Fend be no no". He says he wants " buhd poop" for dinner. He calls everybody "baad boy" when he gets in trouble.

Jacob's special education teacher at his other school is going to observe him next Monday and discuss some strategies with his teacher. I believe in freedom and independence. I also believe in conformity. I want Jacob to be able to adapt to any environment and to understand "the rules" of interaction.


  1. Do share the strategies you come up with! Trevor is also in a "bad boy" phase. And I'm always open for helpful ideas!


  2. You got it. His integrated preschool has their classroom management plan online and one of the things they do for really bad behavior is sit them at the Peace Table and discuss the behavior using pictures and a Yes and No board where the bad behavior is identified and placed in the No column and then the good behavior is placed in the Yes column using pictures of the behaviors and the child's own words about the behaviors. Sounds interesting. I wonder if the ABA iPad apps have a behaviors thing?