Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Say What?

I have been reading the guest posts at Team Aidan ( from the series Faces of Epilepsy. I used to think that epilepsy meant grand mal seizures. My first experience with epilepsy was 10 years ago when I was a much younger teacher and one of my students walked over to me to ask a question and then slumped down to the floor shaking. I had the school call 911, moved the chairs and desks out of the way, and cradled my student's head until the paramedics arrived. I actually saw him a few weeks ago at Best Buy.

When I saw Jacob's first seizure, I looked up "tics" and "convulsions" in my What to Expect book. I had no clue. I was confused when I learned that Jacob had Infantile Spasms AND epilepsy. Clueless. Ignorant.

Please visit Team Aidan for some awareness, education, and inspiration.

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