Tuesday, October 4, 2011


At 9 months old, he was unable to sit up without support or roll over. His right hand and foot were clenched. I religiously practiced all of the prescribed stretches and exercises and over time, Jacob's core strengthened and he was able to sit up independently. He was able to roll to one side. He was able to bear some weight on his elbows and through his shoulders. Over time, Jacob was able to roll from front to back and back to front. He became mobile within a small circumference around his body. Over time, he figured out how to scoot and expanded into a linear environment where he could do more than just reach, he could explore. Over time, he was able to pull himself up and move from side to side. Over time, he was able to harness the power of his legs and take his first tentative steps. He became fearless. Over time, he replaced sounds and gestures with signs and then with words. After nearly 2.1/2 years, Jacob is aging out of Early Intervention.

I am sentimental. Early Intervention has been with us since the beginning because really, Jacob's life with us before Infantile Spasms is a faint memory. Except for the lobster costume I made him wear for Halloween when he was not even a month old. I do not transition well. I do not say goodbye. If we weren't going to visit Jacob's new school this morning, I would have thrown myself down the front steps screaming "You can't leave me now!". Oh well. Next time:)


  1. You and the folks at EI have done everything to prepare him for this next journey. Feel proud, sweetheart. Your butterfly is ready.

  2. I still have that vision of him navigating the halls of a high school lined with lockers and full of teenagers. That time will be here before you can blink.
    Grandma Christe