Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3 mL

Atop our little white bookshelf are pictures of our life. One picture caught my eye a few days ago. It was of Matthew wearing one of my hats backwards as he was crawling towards the camera with his big head, even bigger eyes, and his little body. Life was different before.

But everything is as it should be.

I am on edge about Jacob's medication. I forget to breathe. And I forget to believe while I measure the precise dose as if his life depends on every drop. Since September 7th... 7 mL to 3 mL twice daily.

I am also on edge about Jacob's transition from early intervention to special education. I do not transition well.

Jacob is over the top - combining two words frequently and sometimes three words and using new words like job, work, wih-woh (window), and pee-me (peenie).


  1. We're also making the transition from EI to Special Education in a few months and my wife and I are worried sick over it as big changes to our routine are not really our thing either.

    Down to 3 mls AND 3 word combos! Sounds like good things are going on with Jacob. I'm so glad to hear it.

  2. I am not great with transition either. Sigh.

    But for what it's worth...I think he's looking GREAT! And his speech blows me away!




  3. I wish I could go backwards sometimes just to give me more space between decisions, events, etc. I need so much time for processing. Jacob just keeps moving forward whether I'm ready or not.