Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Jacob's IEP will go into effect as of October 10th when he turns 3 and is eligible for special education services. The IEP team recommended placement in an integrated preschool program where fewer than 50% of the children have special needs. He will receive 1/2 hour a week of PT and OT in the classroom and 1/2 hour a week of each outside of the classroom. He will also receive two 1/2 hours a week of individual speech therapy and 1/2 hour of whole group speech therapy. And the special education teacher will be working with him for 1 hour a day on classroom routines and 1/2 hour a day on social skills. I am very happy with his placement and how thorough his EI team was in his transition report and how carefully his IEP team considered his needs as if they had been working with him all along. I almost began to sob when the PT said that one of her year goals for Jacob was basically to be able to keep pace with the other children. I had visions of him trying to run and being so far behind the other children trying to catch up. Very melodramatic visions I have. But anyways, the idea that he might be able to run alongside other children and maybe actually tag someone made me tear up.

When Dr. B asked me if I ever thought we would be where we are with Jacob, I told him no, that I thought we were all going to die. I don't know how many times I died in the last 2 years. So dramatic I know. But Jacob gives us new beginnings over and over again. He is more than the difference of his missing parts.

4 mL twice daily tomorrow night... uncharted territory... keep breathing with me.

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