Friday, February 25, 2011

Where will we go from here?

While driving home from our night out at the Tropical Pirate Bar, Matt and I were discussing our plans for Jacob. Linda, his occupational therapist from Hasbro, commented that Jacob's wrist seemed a lot tighter than when she had worked with him a year ago. Jacob's Early Intervention therapist had ordered a brace for him to wear in order to extend his wrist while extending his fingers. Try this at home... Let your wrist fall limp and then bring it up while letting your hand remain limp. Your fingers should have curled inwards. Jacob's brace is supposed to stretch the muscles of the upper side of the forearm to help him lift his wrist AND keep his fingers extended. But I have been lazy about putting the brace on him. So now he wears it at daycare during naptime, in between his Constraint Therapy sessions. This weekend, I'll start putting it on at night as well. If at the end of Constraint Therapy, his wrist is still as tight, then I will be bringing him back to see his orthopedist. I hate to say it but if stretching and exercise don't do it, I would consider alternatives. I am not on a quest to make him perfect. He already is. I am all about removing barriers. He has exceeded everyone's expectations from when we were given a prognosis at 7 months old. As long as he has the will to do and to be, I cannot allow his anatomy to fail him, like a broken half of a brain that is now inconsequential.

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