Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

When Jacob was transferred from the ICU to the "floor" at Hasbro Children's Hospital, we were in the room next door to where Jacob was admitted with Infantile Spasms about a year and a half earlier. Freaky.

Jacob labeled the moon in the sky this afternoon! We have a battery-operated "Moon in my Room" that Jacob loves to look at and he was able to transfer the idea of that moon to THE moon. We lost the remote control to the room moon so it is always a full moon. Tonight the moon actually is a crescent moon.

Jacob pushed Elmo in the stroller this morning using TWO hands. He increasingly uses his right hand to assist him while playing.

Jacob pretends that the hippo on the Sodor Zoo (Thomas the Train) Hippo Car bites him. He puts his finger in its mouth, pulls away quickly, and yelps.

I don't know if Jacob knows who he is yet because he identifies himself in pictures and in the mirror as "be-be" and he looks behind the mirror for the baby.

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