Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Already Jacob is doing much better than when he came home from the hospital the first time. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will get through the next two weeks without incident. I am only allowing him to be with Matthew at this point and no other children. Jacob has to come with me to drop off and pick up Matthew at school but I don't let him get close to anyone and I wash and disinfect his hands if he touches anything. Phew. And I thought I was paranoid before... My father recommended that we get surgical masks for people who visit the house so be forewarned. My poor mother has been really sick and I think she may have caught it from Jacob when she came to see him in the hospital:( To put this in perspective, Jacob was on five medications for the past week - 2 antibiotics, 2 inhalers, 1 oral steroid. Now he is on 1 antibiotic and 2 inhalers. Plus his anti-seizure medication. He's also on Lucky Charms, grilled cheese, vanilla ice cream, tortilla chips, and milk. (We are going to have an evaluation with the Feeding Program at Hasbro because he refuses to eat fruits and vegetables and just about everything else.)


  1. I don't blame you one bit! You gotta do whatever it takes to get him (and keep him) healthy. Praying for continued healing and good health.

  2. Thank you Shannon. I'm used to being an ass especially after dealing with so many doctors in the past few weeks.

  3. Seriously. And I hate re-explaining everything over and over again to doctors who typically have no clue. Although I think it speeds up the "growth" process we have to go through to get to a place where we're comfortable questioning decisions on the spot.

    The good doctors don't mind the questioning.

    We're all sick over here. Or else I'd say we should maybe try to get the kids together. It's a challenging time of year to do this... Bleh. I remember being SO freaked out that Trevy was on ACTH during flu season. And last year with the whole Swine Flu... All just extra stress right when you don't need it.

    Hang in there, hon.



  4. Beth....I am sorry that Jacob is so sick...and you shouldn't worry abt being vigilant at all. I am sure people that are close to you understand and those who aren't--who cares!