Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Hello

Hysterical. Manic. Obsessive. Character traits that would be undesirable if not for Jacob.

With surgery in mind, I scheduled appointments with feeding, pulmonary, and immunology specialists. We made it to two of the three appointments before I realized that I am a specialist. I know Jacob.

I have been concerned about his diet because he refuses to eat fruit and most vegetables. When my mother was sick a few weeks ago, she emailed me about the side effects of some drugs including anti-convulsants that leave a metallic taste in the mouth. Sure enough, food perversion as it is called is a possible side effect of Depakote.

Jacob's lungs sound clear and a follow-up x-ray will be taken when we go for his pre-operative appointment. He has responded well to his treatment and has not needed his rescue inhaler since the week we were discharged from the hospital.

I am often at odds with myself because there are some fears that are real and others that are not. As much as my undesirable character traits create the fears that are unrealistic, they also help me to tease them apart.

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