Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Better

Jacob's breathing sounds better today. I didn't have to give him a nebulizer treatment during the night so I hope the trend continues. He goes in for a follow-up appointment tomorrow morning to be sure that the pneumonia is clearing from his lungs. He's still tired and a little unsteady on his feet so he'll be home with me for a few more days before he goes back to school. We're going to Chuck E. Cheese today to have a faux birthday party for Matthew because he keeps asking when we're going to have Jacob's party. Jacob enjoyed his presents in the hospital and his cards at home so I don't think it really matters to him. I'm in the mood for low key. Just taking it easy until December. I go back to work on Wednesday. Surprise for my students who thought I would be out until November! Now I'll have a few months to plan for my next absence. Everything is as it should be. It's always hard to see a way out of the storm but with so many points of light in our family and friends, we find a safe place even when we're afraid.

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  1. ((((hugs)))

    I LOOOOOOOVE the new picture of the boys! How can you NOT smooch them to pieces!