Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Jacob started school on August 30th, Mommy on September 1st, and Matthew on September 7th. So little time to update the blog between lesson planning, making lunches, and getting everybody out of the house alive and dressed and on time. No news is good news though. As expected, Jacob predominantly uses his left hand but will use his right as an assist. The week after constraint ended, I brought Jacob and Matthew to the park and helped Jacob crawl up the stairs to the slide. When we reached the platform, I watched him wrap both hands around the bars to pull himself up. He can do it when he believes it is a necessity. Otherwise, he finds alternate ways of doing things. And as I wrote before, the most difficult part is to maintain the skills especially when I am back at work and see him for only short periods of time other than the weekends. He's been very tired at school so I've gradually been putting him to bed earlier. Tonight he went down at 6:30 and we'll see if he sleeps through the night. He's been waking up at 5:30 and falls asleep in the car before school. He has to wait until 12:30 to take a nap. But overall, he is doing well at school. We meet with the neurosurgeon next Tuesday to learn the specifics of the surgery and his recovery.

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  1. I can SO relate to the time crunch! Even though I don't work out of the house...homeschooling Tobes feels like a FULL TIME job! :) He's very needy!

    Trevy goes through weird sleep cycles. Although post surgery we're enjoying the best sleep ever...with a few rumples in the mix. But I dont think he's woken before 6 in awhile...


    hang in there!