Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have requested leave from work and we will go to see the neurosurgeon today to discuss the surgery. Jacob's post-operative appointment is on November 9th. According to the neurosurgeon's administrative assistant, most children recover after 4 weeks. Sounds crazy to me but wouldn't that be amazing. It's still hard to believe that parents, including us, would willingly remove or disconnect half of their child's brain. Then again, we willingly put a cast on Jacob's left arm and hand twice, effectively disabling him for a month. Poor parenting? Hell no. We are changing the course of his life. What he is able to do has everything to do with who he will become. Independent living ultimately is my goal for him. But for now I want to hear him combine words and use sentences. I want him to be alert and free of medication. He's still going down around 6:30 pm and sleeping for 11 or 12 hours in addition to napping during the day. This cannot be normal.

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