Monday, November 19, 2012

In the Middle

My husband Matt and I are both the middle child in our families.  A unique position.  Not the first born.  Not the baby of the family.  Jacob will be a middle child as well.  The little brother, the big brother.  Someone to care for him and someone for him to care for.  

Baby Aiden is due on the 26th of December.  He is Jacob's baby because Jacob said he will sleep next to the baby in his bunk bed and he will feed the baby.  He said the baby will ride with him in his Gator.  I said the baby will need Jacob's diapers so Jacob will need to use the potty...  

If not for Jacob's hemispherectomy surgery two years ago December 22nd, we would not be expecting Aiden.  I would not have had another child if Jacob had not made significant progress.

My baby is a boy.  As he grows, the scar circling his ear becomes smaller and smaller.  A mark of his rebirth.  A reminder of a past life.  We live blissfully in seizure freedom.  

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