Thursday, June 28, 2012


Over summer vacation last year, I relied heavily on a fabricated Walmart pool with a slide. I rarely went to the beach alone and never went for the day. Neither Matthew nor Jacob knew how to swim and Jacob often fell in the water. Going to the beach was dangerous. But this year, Matthew is swimming and Jacob is more steady. The danger is still there because when Jacob falls, he does not react, and would let the waves rush over him if I wasn't there to scoop him up. He is also extremely disoriented when he looks down at the sand and sees the waves roll up on the shore and then retreat back into the ocean. What he sees with his eyes and what he feels with his feet makes him dizzy and prone to falling. Even so, Jacob jumps on the waves more than he falls and Matthew is a fish so I actually like bringing them to the beach. It also helps that Grandma and Grandpa left their car and accompanying beach sticker for us to use while they went on vacation:)

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