Tuesday, June 26, 2012


"Mommy, has eye keem atter eat my dinner?". (Mommy, can I have ice cream after I eat my dinner?) Eight words in a row. Cause and effect. He is turning the steering wheel on the tractor by himself. He can reproduce "sad face" whenever he wants to get what he wants. He sings aloud, by himself. Mostly the alphabet and Frere Jacque. He squats with a baseball glove to field grounders, and misses. He climbs into the car by himself. Still no potty training really. He can't pull his pants down. He can't aim for the toilet. He can't get onto a potty seat. He doesn't want to anyways. He wants his diapers. He still has trouble feeding himself. I think he was supposed to be right handed. He still sleeps in the king sized bed. We have been reluctant to move him anyways. I will never allow him to "cry it out" because he is so stubborn that he would cry for hours. I mean it. And I am pregnant again so it's not as if Matt and I are never alone:). Everyone asks where we will put the baby... The crib where Jacob was supposed to sleep is still in Matthew's room. We have plenty of space for a few years. I am about 14 weeks along and have been gong through a series of genetic tests because of my ethnicity and also because I am of advanced maternal age. I agreed to the tests simply because my new obstetrician is thorough and with what I know now, I would rather be prepared. It is certainly not an overwhelming fear though. Fear is no longer in my life.


  1. Everybody has an opinion about everything. Kinda drives me nuts. Because I think at the end of the day, we're all just doing the best we can to survive and try to find a little joy along the way. People are SO judgmental over the silliest things too. I try really hard not to care what they think or say...and just keep doing what's best for our family.

    Trevy will probably have his binky until he's 20. :)



  2. Each of us sleeps with one of our children because it gives them comfort. They have both been through a lot in their short lives. We know our children. We made them.

  3. Let's face it, many fellas of all ages can't aim. Unless its something they really want, which is not usually a toilet bowl.

    And Danielle, I might still hold tight to my baby blanket. Not having it, or a partner, I have a pillow. Madeline the cat will have nothing to do with it. She has an imaginery line down the middle of the bed. My side, her side. Imagine what people would say about me. If they only knew.

    Best they don't. I pretty much must ignore people.