Friday, February 24, 2012

February Vacation?

I have not been uninspired but I have not written for some time. Scheduling. Jacob has been to the ENT, orthopedist, orthotist. And he has been to the pediatrician's office several times and the pulmonologist's office a few times in the past month. We have not been able to resolve his respiratory problems. Reactive Airway Disease, Asthma, Pneumonia, Atelectasis. Given his response to the most recent treatment plan, atelectasis is likely, where parts of his lungs get stuck together because there is an excess of mucus in the airways. He was on prednisone as well as antibiotics and inhalers. His lungs are not able to clear the mucus but I still don't know if it is because of his hemiparesis or because his lungs are damaged. He has not had another ear infection since the tubes were placed.

Jacob has been doing well otherwise. His mobility has improved so much that I am thinking of asking his PT to evaluate his walking, running, ascending, and descending without his brace. I believe... especially after spending two hours watching him play in a bouncy house and running around in his socks. Jacob's speech is also improving. He strings more words together with fewer pauses in between. He uses his own phrases from his own vocabulary. "Mommy... You wait here... Me be back... Kay". He says "freeday" (threeday) when I say "tomorrow" because I think he thinks "today" is twoday. And he says his name is "Jay-juh Bor-gedduh".

He is also very stubborn, opinionated, demanding, feisty... which along with having a Matthew in the house, makes for a challenging week off from school.

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