Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whose Been Sleeping In My Bed?

Since I don't label my own posts, I had to search through the archives to find when Jacob first slept through the night in his own crib. It was last May when he was 19 months old. By October, he was sleeping in our bed again which prompted us to finance a king-sized bed for Christmas.

Jacob is an enormous two-and-a-half year old. He is restless in his sleep, often laying horizontally with his toes searching for bare skin or warm crevices like butt cracks. And so, the king-sized bed has grown smaller and smaller and I have relegated myself to the couch.

But last night, Jacob reluctantly slept in his crib. And again tonight. So I have reclaimed my side of the bed.

Sweet dreams.


  1. OH how I laughed! Toby was a toes in the crack kinda sleeper. :)


  2. Matt's butt and back definitely got the worst of it:)