Friday, April 22, 2011

Pointless Story Part II

I was definitely shopping around for brain surgery. I had seen Jacob's MRI. I was convinced that the only explanation for how well he was functioning with seizures was a healthy right hemisphere. I hated the left hemisphere as if it was a parasite rather than a part of Jacob. I would have pushed for surgery sooner except that we were told that Jacob would have to fail at least two medications before a neurosurgeon would even look at him. When Jacob was switched from Phenobarbitol to Depakote following the EEG in February 2010, I started pushing. Jacob's MRI convinced Boston as well. I cancelled our appointment with Detroit for a few reasons - Boston, travel and expenses, and Constraint Therapy II scheduled during the time that Detroit would see us. Boston was not interested in doing any additional testing (not even an EEG), which was a source of anxiety for me.

I rewind, fast forward, and play all of the time to be sure that I am acting on behalf of Jacob and not my own anxiety. This is a monumental task and as I wrote in Part I, hopefully I have been in God's hands.

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  1. Jacob and your whole family are in God's hands...everyone I know who prays is praying for Jacob...his Great Aunt Kim does it daily...all of the folks at St. Joe's and First Pres...Jacob is a blessing to everyone he touches...he is a miracle...Happy Easter!