Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I think about how I often go backwards and forwards in my mind from the beginning to the end and then back to the beginning. It's not so much about dwelling on the past - not at all. It's more about being able to recognize how far we've come. I feel like Jacob is stronger every day and I am soooo thankful that he understands EVERYTHING. Just him being able to follow simple directions makes therapy and daily living that much easier. When I am trying to get him to repeat consonant sounds I can ask him to look at mommy and he does. I can ask him to find his shoes or the milk. He kisses us ALL of the time and calls me Mama about a hundred times a day and just when I think I don't want to hear Mama one more time I remember that just a few months ago he didn't call me anything.


  1. and he can find a straw if he really wants to!

  2. Some of my most beautiful memories of Trevy are remembering when he would be in the middle of cluster during a therapy session...and still try to do something we were asking of him!

    Our boys struggles help us appreciate their successes in a much deeper way...