Sunday, April 18, 2010

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Jacob's pediatric neurologist wrote the following report from his appointment last Wednesday: "No signs of encephalopathy... I recommended proceeding with a neurosurgical consultation... surgical evaluation maybe curative for seizures... No evidence clinically for return of [Infantile Spasms]."

Although I have always considered neurosurgery as a possible treatment or cure for Jacob's seizures, this appointment made it all so real for me and it flipped a switch. I realized that I have been driven by fear - fear of the past coming back to haunt us and fear of the future that is unknown. Out of fear I have looked at him like a seizure waiting to happen.

He is becoming fearless, taking steps on his own all over the house. He is riding the Gator with his brother and following directions when I tell him to hold on for his life with TWO hands. He knows where his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth are, eats with a fork and a spoon, sips from a straw, and understands push/pull, in/out, and up/down.

We are going to follow through with a surgical consultation, not out of fear but out of hope.

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